Thursday, November 20, 2008

cool..I've been tagged...

by the lovely holly
so here's the sitch.
go to your pictures.
go to the 4th folder.
find the 4th photo.
post it!
Then tag 4!
Here's my photo
This pic was taken awhile back...she's 18 almost 19 now..almost 5 years time flies!!!
Sammy was quite the soccer player..miss you sweetie

I'll tag ...





that was fun...thanks bring back memories, that make my life so very full

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Sammy Stedem said...

aww mom i miss you too!! yea i cant believe how long ago it was, to tell u the truth ill always miss soccer. havent seen one soar sports game since i quit. cant wait till u guys get up here, sorry ive been so short on the phone lately just been busy! love you

ps. rachel and jesse saw twighlight and LOVED it. shes got the soundtrack too