Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My favorite holiday..."Valentine's Day" will soon be here. I'll be working but I believe Bill and I will definitely celebrate early by going out for cocktails and dinner somewhere in downtown Charlotte. Why do I love this holiday so much? Well..for the last maybe 4 years I have posted on Flickr "a message for my husband" It's just for him and I struggle for days over what I can capture with a photograph to let him know how much I truly love him. These are some of the ones from the last few years that I took ...from a "burning love" candle in my window, to my wedding rings placed on our deck and a simple handwritten note, but the message remains the same. So today I started the creative pondering of what I can capture visually for his "message" this year.

And speaking of "loved ones"...I'm so missing this "bunch"..can't wait till the next college break when I can see them all together again. They all piled in the car to please their mama as she snapped a million shots to come up with just "2" she really liked....thanks kids..I love you so much!

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Sammy Stedem said...

love it, hope u come up with a new idea for dad soon! cant wait to see you and go to that amelies place again