Monday, January 11, 2010

an outing

We went to a place called amelie's in charlotte..based on a posting from my most fav blogger jessicamcdougall I had great time..and I think Sammy liked this place as well..wonderful quaint little spot...pastries, coffee, delicious soups and sandwiches on french baguettes ...can't wait to go again..and I only got lost a little downtown..figured out that eventually I will find my way home and need to make more adventures like this and see really what a fun city I live in


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,

Thanks for visiting Amelie's. And thanks even more for writing about us. Your pictures are great!

We hope to see you and the five kids sometime soon!

I posted your blog entry on our Facebook page:

Director of Marketing

jessica said...

Yay! Isn't that place delightful?

Sammy Stedem said...

wow, mom the pics came out great.
though i look gross in the one picture haha. took that one right before you spilled coffee all over your jacket lol.
we have to go back there it was fun, i know my girls would love it, just gonna figure out how to get there and back without getting sent downtown!
love you,